For Authors

Before publishing in Turbines & Diesels magazine the articles are reviewed and submitted by the editorial board. Reviewing period comes up to 2 months.

Article requirements:

  • The volume shouldn’t exceed 40 000 symbols including graphics and the list of references.

  • The text file is to be typed in Microsoft Word, RTF or Open Office (odt) programs, line spacing - 1,5, the font – 12. The article is to be accompanied by: a) the lead to be used as a preface to the article; b) full details of the author(s) including full name, academic degree or position, company name, address, phone/fax number and e-mail.

  • The number of formulas should be minimized. All the symbols should be written out. The article should be accompanied by pictures (15 at most) that must be enumerated and followed by a cut line. Pictures and photos should be sent as separate files with the resolution of 300 dpi and saved in TIFF format. Colour model for colour images– CMYK

  • The list of references includes only the works published earlier to which there are references in the text. The works are to be placed in the course of mentioning in the text. The list of references includes: author(s)’ full name, the name of the work and, in case it was published in some magazine - title of the source, the year and issue of publication, page numbers; in case it was published as a separate edition (a book or a collected volume) – the place and year of publication, publishing house.

  • Terminology and physical units are to be denoted according to the International System of Units (SI).

The information can be sent in electronic version by E-mail (no more than 10 Mb) or on CD (PC).