Diesel power plants of the third degree of automation manufactured by Electroagregat enterprise (Novosibirsk) were delivered to Mikhailovsky territory of the advanced development in the Primorsky Area. They are intended for backup power supply of facilities including pig breeding complexes, a breeding farm, a complex for the production of mixed feed, etc.


Kaluga Turbine Plant has completed the modernization of its own turbines installed at the metallurgical complex. As a result of the improvement of the T-50 turbine and three PT-40 turbines, the capacity of each of them has been increased by 4 MW.


PSM company has manufactured an ADMi-1600 diesel generator set for the field in the Irkutsk region. The diesel power plant is assembled on the basis of  Mitsubishi S16R-PTAА2 engine and Mecc Alte generator. The unit is equipped with control system based on the Deif controller. It starts automatically without the participation of the operator. In addition the automatic fuel supply allows the unit to work for a long time without interruption. All-metal insulated container has been developed for the station.


Commissioning works on two Ladoga gas pumping units with a capacity of 32 MW have been completed at the construction site of the Amur Oil Refinery. During the tests conducted under the supervision of service engineers of REP Holding JSC, the coordinated operation of all gas pumping unit systems in the operating range under the operating conditions was confirmed. The equipment was put into operation as part of the first line of the plant.

The units were produced at the Nevsky Plant as part of the project for the construction of booster compressor stations, gas drying and purification units.


Weifang Bintou Distributed Energy plans on building a new cogeneration plant in Shandong Province in China. The CHP plant is designed around a Kawasaki L30A gas turbine generator rated at 33 MW and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) which will provide both steam and electricity to the region’s factories and households.


The works at the Izhevsk CHPP-2 are being carried out within the framework of the DPM-2 federal program for the modernization of energy capacities. The main equipment at power unit No. 3 of the station will be completely replaced until 2026.


Having completed a full range of installation works at the field,  Spetsenergogaz LLC carries out commissioning work on two gas pumping units with a capacity of 15 MW each. INGK company manufactured and delivered gas pumping units on the base of compressor units Titan 130 CS to the site the GPA on the basis of Titan 130 CS compressor plants.