Turbines & Diesels #1-2023



  • Prospects for the development of T32 gas turbine plant as part of GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping unit.

  • Power generation management in isolated power systems of oil and gas fields.

  • TAIF Rave RAO synthetic turbine oil: replacement of imported lubricants for LNG equipment.

  • Modular gas pumping units manufactured by INGC.

  • Investigation of physico-chemical processes in a hydrodynamic cavitator.

  • Perm turbines energy for Lukoil-Komi LLC.

  • Scientific substantiation and development of the modular principle of steam turbine plant creation.

  • Marine gas turbine power plant.

  • Features of hydrogen-containing natural gases transportation through existing gas pipelines.


Turbines & Diesels #6-2022



  • Service of gas engine and diesel power plants by the specialists of Intertechelectro company.

  • Selecting of ignition system for a gas engine.

  • UGPA-16 (25) Irtysh: the main technical solutions of INGK company.

  • Development of turbine and combustor for a semi-closed recuperated Brayton cycle of supercritical carbon dioxide.

  • NPK Elliron, CJSC – engineering and supply of the equipment for oil and gas industry and power generation.

  • Integrated automatic control system of gas pumping units based on domestic software and technical solutions.

  • Scientific and technical session on the problems of gas turbines.

  • The OLC regulator maintains the oil level in the crankcase.

  • Heat & Power 2022.

  • Machinery / Electro & Heat Generation ’2022 exhibition. 


Turbines & Diesels #5-2022



  • INGС – efficient compressor and power equipment is manufactured in Perm.
  • Multi-fuel reverse-flow combustion chamber for gas turbine plants.
  • TAIF Rave turbine lubricating oils for foreign gas turbines: successful experience of import substitution.
  • Balancing of high-speed steam turbine rotors of Energotech JSC.
  • Perm gas turbine plants for technical re-equipment of the Lokosovsky gas processing plant.
  • Rosneft Energotec oil of Rosneft Lubricants ensures maximum efficiency of the equipment.

  • RUMO-702 power plant is a novelty of Russian production.
  • Modernization of Cummins QSV91/81 engines.
  • Energas– 15 years in the field of technological equipment for gas treatment.
  • Combination of EGR and fuel-water emulsions for simultaneous NOx and soot reduction in a medium speed diesel engine.
  • Ros-Gas-Expo-2022 exhibition.



Turbines & Diesels #3-2022



  • The way for import substitution is opened.
  • Self-tuning artificial intelligence improves plant efficiency and flexibility.
  • Long-term maintenance of Ladoga-32 units.
  • FAZZH-1 nanomodifier of Spectra company improves the efficiency of the internal combustion engines.
  • Cogeneration power stations at the fields is an effective way to convert APG into electrical and thermal energy.
  • Setting of the ignition timing angle on a gas engine.
  • Tominsky mining and processing complex power station. High technologies in the sphere of distributed power generation.
  • Reconstruction of the automation system of gas engine power station in the city of Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous Area).






Turbines & Diesels #2-2022



  • Gazprom energoholding industrial assets LLC: working on the principle of a "single contact"

  • Combustion analysis in a natural gas engine with pre-chamber to improve thermal efficiency.

  • MAN E3872 LE – new gas engine with Atkinson cycle.

  • Increasing of the economic efficiency of gas turbine power plant due to the introduction of evaporative type air cooling system.

  • On-site power plant at the Sukhonsky cardboard and paper mill.

  • UEC-Aviadvigatel: new experience of modernization of engines for gas turbine power plants.

  • Extending of spark plugs service life.

Turbines & Diesels #1-2022



  • We are creating power plants.
  • Virtual gas pipeline and its role in energy transition and decorbanization.
  • Energy technological indicators of compressor shops and units operation.
  • Setting up of MOTORTECH equipment.
  • UEC Engineering, LLC: enhancing the export potential.
  • Advantages of own generation at the enterprise without investments and costs.
  • Improvement of power generation efficiency and heat recovery of Mitsubishi KU30GSI gas engine.
  • International exhibition and conference Enlit Europe-2021.