The MOTORTECH MIC6 ignition controller is ideally suited for medium and high speed applications and convinces with a future oriented electronical concept for more power and a significantly higher degree of efficiency. With 1000 mJ primary energy, the MIC6 series provides a reliable combustion even with weakest or fluctuating caloric values of the gas.


On the site one of two combined cycle power plants rated at 280 MW was commissioned. Investment project for the construction of power station is realized by consortium of Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd. and Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. Each combined cycle power plant consists of GT13E2 gas turbine power plant, electric generator, heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine. All power equipment for the station was supplied by GE.


In April Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies delivered repaired rotor of GTE-160 gas turbine to the site of Yuzhnaya power station in Saint-Petersburg. Dismantling, supervision of defects, refurbishment and subsequent assembling of the rotor were carried out at production facilities of the enterprise. It gave the opportunity to reduce the term of the overhaul. Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies, for the first time ever, installed journal and thrust bearing of new generation compressor to existing design of gas turbine plant of GTE-160/SGT5-2000E frame size.


REP Holding manufactured and supplied eleven GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping units. Total output of the units is 352 MW. Gas pumping units were developed on the base of MS 5002E gas turbine plants and 400-21-1С charge compressors. The customer of the project is Gasprom transgas Saint-Petersburg. Hangar type units were produced at production facilities of REP Holding JSC. MS 5002E gas turbine plants are manufatured by the enterprise under license agreement with GE. Their production was started in 2009 at production sites of Nevsky plant. The main features of 32 Ladoga gas pumping unit is high efficiency (36 %), low levels of emission and long service lifetime. At present all gas pumping units are installed on the site of compressor station and commissioning works are being carried out. The commissioning of compressor station is panned till the end of the year.


The project of stand-by power supply of warehouse complex of Poryadok retail network in Voronezh was realized by the specialists of Energia TEK. Power station was created on the base of P805U diesel power plant manufactured by Visa Spa (Italy). Its electric output is 640 kW. The plant was developed on the base of Perkins 4006-23TAG3A diesel engine.


The first stage of the station with electric output of 5 MW was commissioned in 2014. The project was realized under the program Gas-Orenburg. Then ten more power plants were installed on the site on a staged basis. At the end of last year extra three power plants each rated at 1 MW were commissioned on the site. At present 18 Caterpillar G3516 gas engine power plants are in operation on the site. The plants were supplied by Vostochnaya Technika and Mantrak Vostok.


Under the project NPO Iskra will produce seven EGES-4 turbine power plants. It will also supply station control system. Turbogenerators will be supplied by Lysvensky heavy machine-buiding plant Privod.