Under the project UEC–Gas Turbines JSC supplied seven GTES-2.5 gas turbine power plants. The customer and operator of the equipment is Gasprom dobycha Noyabrsk Ltd. The plants were developed on the base of DO49R gas turbine nominally rated at 2.85 MW, efficiency is 28.5 % (ISO).






MOTORTECH expands its product range with a new ignition controller which is specially designed as a cost effective solution for small natural-gas-powered engines up to 8 cylinders and a power range from 20-200 kW. Next to the economic aspects, the concept of the MIC100 scores with easy setup and commissioning. Basic diagnostics help to improve availability of the equipment in the field.


The project will be realized under Capacity Supply Agreement Federal program of upgrading of power stations in Russia. The project provides for the installation and commissioning of gas turbine power plant rated at 150 MW with heat-recovery steam generator. The realization of the project will give the opportunity to put out old PT-135/165 steam turbine from operation. In result total electric output of the station will be increased by 20 MW.


MKS Group of Companies commissioned modular power station with total electric output of 18 MW. The project is realized for Svetlinskaya gold-processing factory in Plastovsky district of Chelyabinskaya Region. The station consists of four MWM TCG 2032B gas engine plants. The concept of the modular power plant consists of smaller auxiliary container units which can be produced in parallel with the genset, are easier to transport and very fast to assemble.


Total electric output of the station will be 1800 kW. The station will be developed on the base of BKEM NORD-2250/10,5-KhL diesel power plant. It was designed on the base of Mitsubishi S16R2-PTAW diesel engine and Mecc Alte ECO49HV-XS/4 (Italy) electric generator with voltage of 10.5 kV and 50 Hz frequency. The plant will be supplied by Alpha Balt Engineering.


The station will be constructed by Yildirim Enerji Holding A.Ş in Sukhandaryinskaya Region. It will be built under the agreement signed by Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan and director of the company. Investment project will be realized on the base of public-private collaboration. Total electric output of the station will be 900 MW. The station will be developed on the base of two 9F.05 gas turbine plants manufactured by GE Power. Natural gas will be the main fuel for the station. Uzbekenergo structure includes ten power stations with installed capacity of 12100 MW. Seven of them are thermal power stations, other three are combined cycle power stations. Investment program of Uzbekenergo includes 33 projects in the sphere of electric power generation.




Power plants were put into operation on the site of Kamenskaya TETs. The station consists of three Caterpillar G3520 gas engine power plants each rated at 1.95 MW. They are equipped with waste-heat recovery units. Total thermal power output of the station is 6 MW. The project was realized by PKT Ltd. under the contract concluded with Energotechinvest Ltd. The station operates on the base mode. The main fuel is natural gas. New power equipment was integrated into existing station infrastructure.